Pet of the Week – Yara & Nibbles

Please meet Yara and Nibbles.  Yara and Nibbles are beautiful, gray Tabby sisters who were surrendered to Green Hills Animal Shelter in  April 2019. They are young adults who are about 2 years old.

Despite being in the shelter for almost a year, Yara and Nibbles still share their sisterly bond, and they love to groom each other and sleep and play together. Yara and Nibbles are the Yin to each other’s Yang; Yara is dark gray while Nibbles is light, and Yara is confident and in charge while Nibbles is quite happy to have her sister look after her.

Both Yara and Nibbles are independent kitties who are perfectly happy doing their own thing.  They love people, but aren’t kitties that require constant attention and cuddling, and they would be very happy and content to entertain themselves with long naps and birdie-watching while their forever human goes to work.  It is said that in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods, and Yara and Nibbles have never forgotten this.  They both have a habit of looking at you with their eyes half-open as if gazing lovingly on one of their subjects.

Yara and Nibbles love other kitties, but haven’t had much experience with dogs. Their ideal home would allow them to live out their lives together lolling in sunbeams and enjoying each other’s and their humans company.  We would prefer to that Yara and Nibbles remain together as indoor only kitties, but a home where they could occasionally venture outside in a safe environment would also fit them well.

Yara and Nibbles have both been spayed, FIV/FeLV tested, and are up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies. Because Yara and Nibbles have been at the shelter for almost a year, we will offer a reduced adoption fee to the person who provides them with their forever home.


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